Motorcyle and Sidecar Funeral Hearse


Side Car Hearse

Motorcyclists and motorbike enthusiasts of all kinds live to ride and ride to live. It's their passion. Experiencing the freedom of the open road, the solitude of the winding highway, the rush of the wind in their faces and the roar of the engine underneath them. No matter what kind of day a bike rider had, they always could hop on thier motorcycle and escape with a twist of the throttle.

The Alternative Carriage Company would like to provide your motorcycle fan one last ride. Their exclusive and one-of-a-kind motorcycle funeral hearse is the only open concept sidecar motorcycle hearse based in Scotland. It's a beautiful Kawasaki Vulcan Motorcycle with a custom built sidecar bed on which your loved one will take their last ride to their final destination. Please make sure that your family knows what you want for your final journey. The Motorcycle Hearse can be booked through your funeral director.

We would be honoured to accompany you or your loved one on their final ride.

Motorcycle Trike Funeral Hearse